Jackie Quincy—–best way to reach me on this litter is a phone call 207 – 951-0969–Call and reserve a pup today

DOB: 6/20/23

3 Boys 7 Girls

Pickup: July 18th

Pickout: August 15th

Boys Available

1- gray collar with dogs

2-red, pink and white collar

3. Green blue polka dot

5 Girls available

  1. Blue Plaid
  2. Tan and Pink

  1. Red White Flowers
  2. Dark Green Collar
  3. Pink Collar

Girls below –

1-red and white flowered Collar

2-dark blue collar ““` changed to Pink on 9-4-23

3-tan Collar—changed to blue plaid on 9-4-23

4- Dark green Collar

5- aqua blue and white collar–changed to tan and pink on 9-4-23