Here is one of our dogs working in the school system as a therapy dog.

He is gorgeous and what a great personality! Thank you Roxanne- he is perfect.
Puppy from the Opal Remington Litter

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Opal Remington pup above

He is doing great, Roxanne! Our GSD (Cassie) is guiding him gently – she likes him and he likes her. Heis a spitfire! He took a short walk on a leash yesterday and this morning – he walks right along side us. And he is going outside (thanks for the sawdust!) in the back yard. He is free feeding, drinking, and loves his crate – slept 4 hours, went out to pee/poop, and slept 4 more hours. Woot! Right now he is sleeping – he wore himself out in the back yard playing with Cassie! PS – Your employee Ricky is very professional, clearly knows dogs, and, well, he is a delight. You have great employees!

Forgot to say- he has great off lead recall at 8 weeks! We took turns calling him back and forth across the back yard and made a big stink out of it when he came- amazingly smart and people oriented pup- we are just SO impressed with his personality- you clearly do a bunch of socialization work with the pups/ you’re good, Roxanne! Freakin great breeder!


Another happy camper below from March 2022

March 2022

Hi Roxanne, it was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thanks so much for the tour of your property and kennels. It was such a treat to see all of your gorgeous dogs!! We are absolutely in love with our puppy, Rosie!! My goldens are split on their feelings for her. The younger one is smitten but giving her some space and the older one is on a hunger strike 😂 Also, thanks for the sawdust. She’s doing really well so far with the house breaking and the sawdust is a game changer, she goes as soon as she is in the area with the saw dust!! Thanks again, Donna and Dave


July 15, 2022

One week down, forever to go! 💛 I can not get over how good of boy our Koda is! People compliment how well behaved he is for a puppy all the time and he has the sweetest and most calm/relaxed demeanor. He has not had one accident in the house since we brought him home, officially rings his bells on the door as of yesterday to let me know he needs to go out, sleeps through the night and knows sit, paw, down, up (stands on his backs legs). We are currently working on stay, come and place.

Roxanne, I can not thank you enough for blessing our family with Koda (Lyla/Duncan). I’ve had multiple people ask where I got him from because they just instantly fell in love with him. The time and care you put into your dogs is truly evident and undeniable. 💙🐾

Here’s a little video I made this morning of him missing his tiny human (my daughter) who he instantly became best friends with.



Jennie FranceschiWestbrook, ME

“Having never owned a dog before or gone through the process of acquiring an animal through a breeder, we had a lot to learn and Roxanne of Goldenridge Kennels provided the necessary guidance on books, food, shots, and next steps in our journey to being owners of an amazing dog. We are just over a week into our journey and the prep work we invested in research and guidance from Roxanne has put our pup on the path to success (in puppy terms a well adjusted and happy life). We can’t thank you enough Roxanne for the beautiful gift of our little Millie. She has a great disposition & is easy to train. Her energy has brought an amazing dynamic to our home and we are so happy. We look forward to future talks with you to give you an update on one of your alumni 🙂 and to ask more questions 😉 – Jennie & Paul Franceschi “


Ed RyanDog ownerPeabody, MA

“They breed high-quality Golden Retrievers focusing on temperament and longevity. These are the smartest, friendliest and healthiest pups you will find. Blood line go back to Europe and Roxanne makes sure she is getting the best breeders available. Our Golden is now 8 1/2 years old and he has been the most wonderful dog, completely exceeding my very high expectations. “

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Genie Andrews Aucoin


This is our sweet girl Gracie (Darla/Spencer), a little over 14 weeks. She just wanted to say hello to her littermates & let everyone know what an amazing pup she has been since we brought her home. Slept through the night in her crate from day 1 without a peep & is already potty trained. So so smart & such a love bug. Thank you Roxanne & Les for this sweet little blessing.