Referring to pups which are between 5 and 7 months of age

Christopher Brodeur

Date of testimony January 9, 2023

My wife and I are so happy with our new pup, Indy! We were nervous at first to get a

6 month old pup (Jenny/cesar), but this pup was Roxanne’s pick for us and she really nailed it.

I work on the water for long stretches and we wanted a good calm, loving companion with chill energy for my wife to have while I was gone, and that’s exactly Indy! Really felt listened to and that a great match was made.
Indy was very nervous when we first got him, he was barely walking and had to be carried into the car and house. Total pancake! He didn’t use the bathroom for the first whole day and was very deflated. BUT, as time went on he came out of his shell. He is an incredibly loving dog with such a chill temperament, just a wonderful addition to the family (he’s even working on making the cat like him… not quite there yet though). Loves to be right with us, walking is so easy, he goes ahead and then waits. Also, it was a great decision to go with an older pup, already trained to hold it and sleeps through the night!
Indy still has litter mates and if they are anything like him, they are great dogs!
Thank you to Roxanne and everyone at goldenridge! 5 stars!
Chris and Emmy Brodeur

Thank you for your review ….as I share with all getting an older pup they are leaving EVERYTHING THEY HAVE EVER KNOW……It takes time for adjustment to new home environment. But with patience it all works. Some dogs are good to go after a wk some take longer. Just like adopting a baby. Enjoy your pup Chris and Emily. Roxanne.


Denise Buhelt Dyer

Roxanne Ellsworth we picked up Daisy on December 6, and she turned 6 mos old on Christmas. Pipin/Leo June 25, 2023. She is the MOST loving animal! She knows sit, and down. She’s working on “off” and we are learning how to teach her “come here” and “stay”. Her answer to almost everything is to flop down and roll over. We adore her!

Denise Buhelt Dyer thank you for the update. I am very happy that you are happy with your puppy that you got from us. I really like the older puppies because all the work is done meaning training to go to the bathroom outside and of course the sleeping through the night piece is very good too. Roxanne

Hello is a customer who is a repeat customer and she just picked up her second dog from us on February 24, 2024


Carla – Victor girl went home today—-4-13-24

From the customer below.

She is settling in beautifully. All three dogs just romped around in the muddy backyard. She is already learning to come on command and loves playing ball.